VXXXV Apparel’s mission is to help individuals within creative communities become successful. The Dream.Hustle.Demand. Business Services provides entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners with essential basics to create solid business foundations. Created by VXXXV Apparel, Dream.Hustle.Demand Business Services exists to gather consumer engagement, activity and to spread awareness of how one can hustle towards a dream. With such service, communities will be given opportunities to be a part of the mission here at VXXXV Apparel, to Dream, to Hustle and to Demand!

Dream. Hustle. Demand.

Business Services

Works with clients (or creatives/entrepreneur) and aspiring business hustlers on strategy, planning and problem solving, as well as providing clients the tools to develop business skills and knowledge to go after their dreams. This would include professional advice, applying teaching skills, brainstorming with the client (or creatives/entrepreneur) to produce practical thinking and enhance strategic thinking.


Business Registration

It is imperative for a business owner to be established as a legal entity. Whether your million dollar idea is a dream or a hustle, establishing your business as a legal entity will provide a business owner with endless opportunities to separate personal and business activities, establish a professional presence, obtain business loans, build a legal reputation and other further benefits available to a registered business.

Web Design

Works with clients  (or creatives/entrepreneurs) to develop an online presence for their brand. Websites can be a key factor of a company’s impression towards a customer vice versa, and a strong professional website presence can also establish the way a brand is perceived. Having a website offers the opportunity to communicate with customers in a professional straightforward manner to their needs and demands.



 It takes 21 days to build a habit, so VX Apparel wants to make sure that everyday business owners and entrepreneurs are pushing along their business.

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